Using the tools Margit learned in her 16 years of experience in training and working with the largest educational seminar companies in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, she has helped hundreds of business owners worldwide to reach their personal and financial goals.

With her high-energy coaching and straight-forward, goal oriented focused easy to follow program she holds her client’s feet to the fire. Her winning attitude laced with tenacity and sugar coated with metaphorical storytelling , helps her clients transform their lifes and businesses one step at a time.

In the past couple of years she developed two German language based seminars (Erfolgs Strategien and 30 Minuten zum Erfolg) that has helped hundreds of people taking the next step in Business to reach Financial Freedom. The books are on their way!

Margit E. Macchia is a first generation immigrant.  At the tender age of nineteen, she came to Los Angeles, California with a suitcase holding just one dress and 22 cents in her pocket – seeking a new and better life for herself and for her future generations.

It didn’t take long before she was working for a Santa Monica Oil Company as an Accounts Specialist supervising seven employees. There she met her husband with whom she created a good life for her three children in the Santa Clarita Valley.  For the following 23 years she worked with her husband to build an International Tax Firm; hence her strength in business lies in money managements, debt recovery, company growth and sales/marketing training.

Margit also took the opportunity to lead fundraising teams for schools, churches and private organizations.  She also served and worked with numerous Non-profit organizations like “Circle of Hope”, “Kids Helping Kids”, “Michael Hoefflin Foundation”, “Make a Wish Foundation”, “Chess for Kids” and the “Canyon Theatre Guild.”  She always knew there was importance in living a bigger life than she was told she was capable of.  Helping others was and always will be the purpose of her life’s journey.

As life sometimes throw a curve balls, she and her husband parted ways.  As a single mom,  380 thousand dollars in debt and no real future in becoming anyone’s employee of the month, she cleared the dream board and started over. With all her accumulated knowledge, she wedged her foot in the door of Peak Potentials – a thriving multi-million dollar company.  Quickly, she became the lead coach, hiring her own life and business coaches to expand her team and build some passive income.  She also used this opportunity to get all the training,  tools and knowledge she needed to continue to help others create success in their own lives.

Today Margit lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her children are now married and have their own successful careers; something she always wanted for them.  Her hobbies include spoiling her Golden Retriever Chloe,  caring for her cats Saphi and Kitty,  and bringing out the beauty from within through her portrait photography.

She invests most of her time writing books, creating and leading seminars,  and coaching the next client to his/her ultimate success.