Margit E. Macchia

. . . the Wind beneath your Wings

Ask Yourself …

How come my business is not growing to my expectations?

If I work 24/7 in my business and by the end of the month there is still no money left over – what am I missing?

Do I know how to attract my ideal clients?

How is it possible that I never have enough time to get everything done?

What does my business need so that I can have more time for family, friends and for my other interests?

What is it that I am missing – that my business is not the success I invisioned it to be?

What if you had a magic wand?


Someone to help you discover the secret habits  of successful people.

Teach you everything they know from 16 years of experience – 

getting trained by and working with the biggest and best transformational companies known globally.

Learn from someone that has helped hundreds of people reach success above and beyond their own expectations. 

Remove All Obstacles  …

Starting a new venture or running an already existing business is no small task. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 50% of all businesses fail within their first 5 years and only about one-third of those remaining survive 10-years or more.

Many entrepreneurs are doing everything they are “supposed” to do, yet somehow are still feeling that they are not breaking through the roof of their potential and struggling to find their way to reach that next level of success.  

Resisting professional guidance even in the foundation and development of any company can doom that business’ prospects. Most business owners don’t notice the decay of their success until it’s too late and almost beyond repair. 

To achieve big things in life it takes a proactive mindset, courage, focus and an unwaivering persistance. Procrastination and a lack of “know how” are huge obstacles on the road to success. 

See what Margit’s coaching clients have to say:

“Within one year of using Margit’s coaching services my net-worth grew over 300% . Today I have total control over my finances. My mindset about money, investments and success has taken a brand new view. I am so grateful for her and I hope that she will continue to support me on my way to financial freedom.”

Axel B.

Heilpraktiker for Physiotherapie , Bielefeld, Germany

“Coach Margit was the first person who was playing at a high enough level that she held me accountable to and pushed me beyond my standards and expectations. My business and personal life have improved beyond measure since beginning my program with her. Thanks!”

Margaret K.

Real Estate Expert - Flip Chicks , Chicago, USA

“For the past two years Margit has been my business coach, helping me see the world of making money in a very clear and productive way.  She supports me with my own business model in every way and created with me strategies that work. I couldn’t imagine any more working without Margit being in my life. She understands the seminar business inside and out, she is down to earth and authentic. Great person to work with.”

Renate H.

Das kreACTIVE Erfolgsprogramm, Austria

“For the past three years Margit belongs to one of the most important Business-resources for me. The coaching sessions are intensive, productive and always treasured. She keeps the overview and the focus on the essential things even in turbulent times. She is a forerunner and a thinker of the visions, and they are calling for imagination to raise me and my business to a new level. I’m curious to see where the common road is going to take us. Thank you.”

Jan S.

Muttersprache Mann , Hamburg, Germany

Now it’s Your Turn to Fly …

Take this opportunity to get coached directly by Margit on how to:


 > Create financial success and personal freedom that you always wanted 

> Develop the potential to double your income and reduce your working time by half 

> Overcome the real obsticals that stand in your way to financial freedom and success

> Understand your “ideal” clients, know how to  find them and keep them in a lasting relationship

> Charge clients your true value and not what you think you should be asking for 

> Understand your emotional money blue print and how to change it

> Build a profitable business that is also fun and exiting creating your legacy 

> Use Social Marketing – creating lasting relationships that lead to business opportunitites and growth

> Create a Business/Marketing/Action plan that will catapult your business to the next several levels

>Create win/win situations with Power Partners to grow your business organically 

> Hold your employees accountable by creating winning teams 

> Create an above and beyond customer service that leave your clients with an aboslute “wow” experience

> Create new and profitable products 

>Create passive income – so you have more time to enjoy with your  family, friends and your personal endeavors

The Elevator was out of order – so She took the Stairs

A little about Margit life’s journey 

Using the tools Margit learned in her 16 years of experience in training and working with the largest educational seminar companies in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, she has helped hundreds of business owners worldwide to reach their personal and financial goals.  

With her high-energy coaching and straight-forward, goal oriented focused easy to follow program she holds her client’s feet to the fire. Her winning attitude laced with tenacity and sugar coated with metaphorical storytelling , helps her clients transform their lifes and businesses one step at a time.

In the past couple of years she developed two German language based seminars (Erfolgs Strategien and 30 Minuten zum Erfolg) that has helped hundreds of people taking the next step in Business to reach Financial Freedom. The books are on their way!  (To find out more about Margit Macchia please go to the “about” section on this site.) Thank you! 

More Words About Margit’s Work: 

I highly recommend Coach Margit’s work.

“Margit is one of the leading international business coaches.  Working with her gets you to your financial freedom and to living a rich personal life.”

Dr. Elena Pezzini

Ph.D. Industrial Organizational Psychologist - Certified Life, Business & Finance Coach , #1 Best-Selling Author,, Santa Monica, California

She is the best coach and seminar leader – I have ever had.

“Without Margit’s help I wouldn’t be where I am. She has helped me focus on the right goals; and on top of it I became a fearless speaker.”

Petra Schleifer

Ernahrungswissenschaftlerin & Heilpraktiker , Founder of Belly and Mind,, Hamburg, Germany

Margit had an idea of an on-line course and she believed in me! 


“Since then things are flowing: a new start-up, new launch and growing in so many areas at once.”

Petra Lehner

Entrepreneur, Executive Business Coach and Founder of System Lesen,, Salzburg, Austria